Cat and Mouse

"Goin' somewhere, boy?" The low, silken voice hissed out of the darkness, and Xander froze, his heart skipping and then speeding up painfully. *Oh fuck!* He stumbled just a little but kept walking - sped up slightly, trying to breathe in deep breaths and not pant.

"What, you think you can run?" The voice was closer - more silken, if that were possible, and Xander risked a quick glimpse behind him. Nothing. He walked faster still - almost a trot.

"I'm gonna caaaatch you," the voice sing-songed, on the edge of laughter. "And when I do catch you…mmmm…gonna eat…you…up!" The vampire leapt out at him, fangs and golden eyes, wicked grin. Xander sucked in a hard, startled breath - stifled the cry that rose to his lips. In one motion he turned and ran. Laughter chased him, echoing.

*Damn - cemetery - not a good place to run…* Xander pounded along, his sneakers slipping on dead leaves as he wove his way among crypts and tombs. He vaulted over a leaning headstone - dodged a tree and almost ran full-tilt into the cemetery wall. It loomed eight feet or more - impossible to climb. Xander cast a frantic glance backwards, gasping for breath, then darted to the left in the hopes of finding a way out. He was brought up short by another crypt - this one nearly spot-lit by the full moon. The vampire was there, leaning casually against the cracked, stained granite. He had a cigarette in his fingers and he raised it casually to his mouth - took a long drag, watching his prey.

"Told you, you can't outrun me, pretty." Xander sucked in a hard breath - two - then suddenly wheeled, determined to run again - find a way out - not give up - but the leather-clad arm around his throat brought him up short and he let out a strangled cry. The vampire held him easily, one arm around his throat, just pressing enough, one around his ribs, squeezing just a little. Xander struggled, kicking backwards, but his sneakers connected only with the air and he was rapidly tiring, his oxygen cut off and a roaring in his ears.

"Now pet - no passing out. Wanna be sure you feel all of this…" That voice again; soft, amused - deadly. Xander hung limp, and the vampire spun and shoved, pushing him several steps forward into the crypt wall. Xander connected with the granite with a sharp smack of flesh and flinched, his palms stinging. He just leaned there for a minute, panting, and the roaring finally subsided. He caught his breath and turned around slowly, hands pressed against the wall, his knees trembling. The vampire looked at him in sly amusement - took a last, long drag on his cigarette and tossed the butt aside.

"You wanna live to see the sun come up, boy?" Xander stared - finally nodded, feeling a new wave of weakness sweep over him. *What does he want…what - * The vampire walked a step to the right…another - turned and walked the other way, coming a bit closer, hands behind his back and head down, as if he were deep in thought. The moonlight sparked silvery glints from his pale hair, and his skin seemed almost to glow. *Beautiful, he's…fuck…* Xander glanced around wildly, hoping to see an escape route, and suddenly the vampire was just there, right in his face, cold hand at his throat, the other beside his head, lean thigh between Xander's and glint of white, white fangs.

"You're not goin' anywhere, pretty." The vampire stroked his fingers through Xander's sweat-damp hair - took a deep breath, eyes fluttering closed for a moment.

"Oh, you smell goood, pet, so good. Sweat and blood and terror… mmmm…" The vampire's lips were inches from Xander's throat - then touching, and Xander whimpered as he felt them press into his jugular - felt the wetness as the vampire licked him, sighing.

"That's so good…" Abruptly, the demon pulled away, and Xander gasped a little in startlement. "So, you wanna live. You gotta do somethin' for me, pet. Gimmie a reason to let you walk out of here. What do you think that should be, eh? Got any ideas?" The vampire grinned at him, and his thigh ground up into Xander's crotch - his whole body undulated for a moment, pressing against Xander and rubbing, like a cat.

"I - I d-don't -"

"Shhhh, pet. I think I know what you can give me, eh? I think we both know." The vampire leaned over Xander, both hands on the crypt wall, his face inches away again. The eyes were half-lidded, speculative, and suddenly the demon was gone, and the human face was there, smirking.

"This'll make it better, eh pretty?" The vampire pushed away - shrugged casually out of the black leather coat he wore and tossed it over a headstone.

"Now, first things first. I like a bit a skin, so - strip." Xander froze, staring at the demon, and the demon grinned back, hands loose at his sides, head cocked just a little to one side. "Don't make me tell you again, boy. You don't wanna make me angry."

"I won't like you when you're angry?" Xander blurted, and mentally slapped himself. TV had a lot to answer for. *Damn brainwashing box! Just shut up now!* The vampire raised an eyebrow in surprise - laughed aloud.

"No, you really won't, pet. Clothes - off. Now." Xander glanced around one more time, knowing full well they were completely alone, but hoping… He took a deep breath and reached for his shirt front - undid the buttons slowly and shed the brightly printed cloth to one side. Then he pulled up the hem of his t-shirt and lifted it over his head. It, too, was tossed aside. His hands touched the fly of his jeans, trembling, then he lifted one foot and clumsily took of sneaker and sock. Changed feet and took off the others, his legs shaking under him. The grass was cool and a little damp under his feet - the granite wall cold and rough against his shoulder-blades. He bit his lip, hesitating, then undid his jeans and pushed them and his underwear off in one swift movement, tossing them after the shirts. Then he stood defiantly, his hands instinctively cupping his genitals, shivering. Trying to ignore the half-hard flesh under his hands. The vampire was staring at him, a wolfish expression on his face, and he let his gaze travel slowly down and then back up Xander's body - a look Xander could almost feel.

"Nice. You shouldn't wear your clothes so loose, pretty - you got nothin' to hide. " The vampire stepped closer, and one long-fingered hand lifted and settled lightly on Xander's chest. Xander shuddered as the cold, soft flesh slowly caressed him - brushed with teasing lightness over one nipple, then the other. Xander shut his eyes, feeling the granite dig into his back and buttocks as he swayed away from the touch.

"Nowhere to go." The voice, so soft, right in his ear. And the lips again, pulling his earlobe into the cool dampness of the mouth - tiny scrape of teeth and then soft, wet tongue, trailing over his jaw, down his throat. The hand on his chest pressed harder, holding him still, and Xander realized he had been twisting away, just a little.

"Don' move, pet, just…" The other hand came up to rest on his hip, heavy and solid, pinning him there. Nails scraped over his collarbones - pectoral - pinched at his nipples and Xander gasped sharply. His eyes flew open in shock and he found dark eyes staring back at him, pale skin and pale hair back-lit by the moon, shadows blade-sharp over high cheekbones and lean jaw. The vampire's knee bumped his own - pushed at his leg and Xander moved his foot over the grass, sliding his legs apart. The denim was old and soft against his thigh - the leg inside it was hard.

"Put your hands on me, pet. Put your hands on my hips…" the vampire whispered, and Xander did, feeling the solid swathe of muscle there, the stiff edge of a belt, the soft silk of the red overshirt.

"Mmmm…" The vampire moved close again, thigh and groin pushing against Xander, a ridge of hard flesh digging into the crease between thigh and hip. Xander was panting again, trying not to, his fingers clamped down painfully tight on the wings of denim-clad bone under them. The vampire ran his hands up Xander's arms to his shoulders - pushed his fingers into the hair behind Xander's ears and tilted his face up a little, thumbs pressing into Xander's jaw.

"Open up, pet, let me…" Lips on his, nibbling, tip of cool tongue, and Xander sucked in a hard breath - felt the vampire's tongue pushing in, past lips and teeth. Running over the roof of his mouth, under his own tongue, teasing along the edges of his teeth. Xander felt the thumbs, pressing a little harder, and he opened his mouth wider - let his own tongue push forward, tasting smoke and blood and…something. The demon, honey-sweet. He heard the soft moan that vibrated in his throat and the vampire pulled slightly away, his lips just feathering over Xander's.

"You like that, pretty? What else do you like…?" The vampire began to lick - to kiss - to nip. Jaw and throat, shoulders and collarbones. Swipe of tongue the length of his sternum and then cool wetness on one nipple and the other. Hands on his buttocks, kneading. Xander writhed, grinding his head back into the crypt behind him, panting now. His hands slipping off the silk shirt and tightening into fists - opening, and he pressed his palms against the granite, moaning again as the delicious touches slid down, down. Suction on one hip-bone, then teeth, scraping, and Xander's hips pushed up, instinctive. The vampire pressed his thumbs into the hollows of Xander's hips - pushed him back hard into the crypt.

"Stay still, pet," he murmured, and his mouth continued its leisurely journey, nipping and sucking. Xander let out a tiny cry when the cool flesh wrapped around his balls - drew them in and sucked them, one after the other; then the flickering tongue-tip burrowing under them, just teasing the sensitive flesh there. Then the mouth was moving, licking up the straining flesh of his erection and Xander gasped harshly. He was being engulfed, sucked down, and he lost it, moaning loudly. His hands came up and twisted into the platinum hair, urging closer and more and with a snarl the vampire was upright, Xander's wrists in a crushing grip, demons' face inches away.

"Ssspike….p-please -"

"You know better then that, pet." Human again, Spike kissed Xander hard, drawing blood as he crushed vulnerable lips to teeth. Xander bucked up against him, struggling to free his hands. Spike abruptly let go.

"Take my belt off, pretty, take it off -" Spike whispered, and Xander did, fumbling, his hands a little numb. He stripped it out of the belt loops, the shush of the leather loud in his ears. Spike snatched it away from him - grabbed Xander's wrists and quickly bound them with the belt, snugging it tight.

"Knees, pet," Spike whispered, and Xander slid himself slowly down the vampire's body, panting. Spike kept the end of the belt in his hand, pulling Xander's wrists up over his head. With his other hand he reached up and with a few quick jerks stripped the silk shirt and t-shirt from his body, tossing the rags away. Then he undid the buttons of his jeans, and pushed them down over lean thighs, freeing his own erection. It quivered there between them, gleaming wetly along the crown, and Xander felt a jolt of arousal go through him. He ached to touch himself - touch Spike. He glanced up into golden eyes and shuddered all over.

"Come on then, pet, your turn." Xander swayed forward, mouth opening, and took a long taste of the cool satin flesh of the vampires' cock. He licked again and again, tasting salt and sweet -the vampire's own flavor - and the metallic, citrus flavor of the pre-come that welled from the tip. He ducked his head to lick and mouth the insides of Spike's thighs - the crease at the hip and the jumping, tensing muscles all across his abdomen. The belt creaked as Spike's hand twisted it, gripping it tight, and he braced his other hand on the crypt wall, leaning forward. Xander's hands clawed uselessly at the air, and he felt a stick dig in under one knee. He opened his mouth and took in the head of Spike's cock - moved slowly, sucking and licking, taking more every minute, getting as much as he could. Spike hissed, his hips undulating.

"Yesss…like that. You're so good at this, pet. Look so pretty, on your knees for me. Harder, boy, come on…" Xander complied, sucking hard, moving his head a little faster, letting his teeth scrape and prickle over the sensitive flesh, and Spike groaned deep in his throat. Xander swallowed, the delicious taste of pre-come and demon in the back of his throat and suddenly Spike was hauling him up, kissing him so hard their teeth clicked sharply together and Xander's lip split again. Spike sucked on the blood - tore himself away and dug one hand into his jeans, the other still trapping Xander's behind his head.

"You ready to be fucked, pet? 'Cause I'm gonna…" Spike pulled a squashed tube out of his pocket - thumbed open the lid and squeezed a dollop onto his cock. He tossed the tube aside and smeared the lube over himself - reached between Xander's legs and roughly pressed one finger, then two, up inside, twisting them. Xander bucked against them, whimpering, and Spike let go of the belt - grabbed Xander around the waist and just lifted him, pushing his back against the crypt. Xander locked his ankles in the small of Spike's back - put his bound hands around the vampire's neck and dove in for more kisses, drawing blood himself, ferocious in his need.

"Fuck, open up now, pet, just…" Spike was panting now, legs spread wide, and Xander felt Spike's hand slipping between them, holding himself steady. Then the cool pressure that quickly became warm - then hot - then a burn, as Spike pushed the head of his cock inside. He paused, his fingers rubbing the ring of muscle there, his lips on Xander's throat, fangs just prickling like kitten's claws.

"You want more, pretty, want me to…?" He whispered, and Xander tried to push down, shivering all over, his body grasping for more.

"Yeah, more, Spike, I wanna - just do it, fuck, please -" Xander babbled, and Spike pushed, up with his hips and down on Xander's waist. As his cock pushed in, stretching Xander hard and fast his fangs sank in as well, not kitten claws now but a tiger's razoring talons and Xander nearly screamed. He felt his body fluttering and grasping around the invading length - felt the sting of it and the deeper, throbbing ache in his throat where Spike held him, delicate and deadly. Xander tried to move, to thrust, to take more, and Spike's hands lifted him - slammed him back down, taking one long pull at the wound in his throat and then pulling away, concentrating on getting deeper into the boy. Xander arched back, his hands at the back of Spike's neck, the belt cutting into his wrists, the crypt wall cold on the back of his head, pulling his hair a little. He pushed - flexed his legs, doing whatever he could do, and Spike began to pound in earnest, his hands cruelly tight on Xander's hips, nails digging in. Suddenly he spun around, going to his knees, ducking out of the loop of flesh and leather and Xander felt the cold grass on his back and lifted his legs, slinging them over Spike's shoulders and letting his hands fall to the ground, the tail of the belt gripped in his fingers. Spike pushed deep, now, deep and hard and Xander cried out every time the engorged head of Spike's cock thrust into that spot.

"Sspike, oh fuck, that's…please, please…Spike…" Xander arched his back up hard - lifted his chin, baring his throat, and the demon was there, growling. Xander opened his eyes wide, watching, and Spike lunged, slamming deep, and his fangs sank deep as well, points of white-hot ecstasy and Xander screamed, his body a rigid bow under the furiously working arch of demonic flesh and bone. Spike's hips thrust once - twice more - then he, too, was locked into the climax, and he tore away from Xander's neck and roared his pleasure into the night. After long moments Xander went limp under him, gasping for breath, and Spike bent his back like a cat's and licked Xander's chest and ribs, tonguing up the spatterings of semen that glistened faintly in the moonlight. He thrust in and out, gently, a few more times, then withdrew, and Xander's legs slid bonelessly off his shoulders and thumped to the ground. Spike continued his leisurely clean-up and Xander whimpered, twisting under him.

"Spike, fuck…gimmie half a minute…" Spike laughed and crawled up Xander's body - took his mouth in a gentle kiss.

"That was fun, pet. I like you all helpless and running. Makes you taste so good…" Swipe of tongue over the beaded blood on Xander's throat and the boy shivered, draping his still-bound wrists over Spike's neck.

"You make a good villain. Make me wanna turn evil."

"Mmmm…" Spike settled more comfortably, groin to groin with Xander, elbows propped in the grass. Xander tangled his feet with the vampires, still too limp to bring his legs up.

"It's still early…wanna play kidnapped?" Spike grinned brightly down at the boy and Xander giggled.

"Only if the kidnapper has a nice bed. There's a rock back here somewhere." Xander wriggled around and Spike kissed him again - stopped for a moment, head cocked, listening.

"I know where there's a nice bed with nice chains…all the comforts. I'll get you all hidden away underground, won't have to worry 'bout those damn soldiers." He listened again, eyes flashing gold, then suddenly he was up, pulling Xander with him, his hands making fast work of the fly of his jeans, looking around for Xander's clothes.

"Good thing you told me 'bout that damn Initiative, pet - they're a right pain." Spike scooped up Xander's clothes, whipping them into a tight bundle. He pulled on his duster and grinned at Xander - did a quick drop and came up with his shoulder in Xander's stomach, getting the boy over his shoulder in one smooth motion.

"Ooompf. Oohhh damn, help, help, help!" Xander whispered, bracing his hands on the upper curve of Spike's buttocks. "I'm being kidnapped by a horrible vampire! I'm being vampnapped by a horrible kidpire! I'm being hidnapped by a korrible vidpire!" Spike spanked him once, a ringing slap, and Xander yelped.

"Quiet, pet. Pretend I knocked you unconscious so's you wouldn't know the way to my secret lair." Xander wiggled a little, then sighed happily as Spike turned his head and kissed the stinging spot where his hand had just landed.

"Taste like grass," Spike whispered, and slipped away into the darkness.