Credence Chapter 14

Credence Chapter 14

Spike took Xander straight up to Viv and left him there, ghosting a kiss along his cheek and making a small bow to Viv, who grinned at him.  Xander just stood with his feet braced a little apart, fists down in his coat-pockets.   He'd be fine.  Tod was outside the door, looking annoyed.

"You've marked him," Tod said, cleaning under a nail with a small pen-knife and Spike raised an eyebrow at him.

"Well, yeah.  You think I'd let him back in here unmarked?"  Tod snorted, frowning, and Spike just laughed.  He did his rounds, noticing three soldiers and considering whether or not he'd be following them out later.  But he didn't feel like going down into the Underground tonight.  Tonight was all about Xander.  He settled into his usual place near the bar, bottle and glass at his elbow, and watched the dancing, the drinking, the flirting and the almost-sex that was happening in the corners. 

Three hours into his shift and he'd seen Xander several times; following after Tod, listening with his head slightly averted as if annoyed that Tod was the one who's telling him what to do.  His eyes glanced around every time - found Spike every time, and Spike could see him stiffen - could see him take a deep breath, lick his lips.  Wanting him still.  Then the boy's eyes would hood, and he'd look away, angry again.  Spike - just grinned.

Near midnight he took a break - went to wash away the sticky film that seemed to coat his hands no matter what he did or didn't touch.   Xander was there in the break room, sitting at a table and drinking a soda, his hair in his eyes.  He looked a little tired - a little wary - and Spike sat across from him and lit a cigarette.

"So what's Viv having you do?"  Xander glanced up and away, and Spike could smell the want and the fear coming off him - the need, and the anger.  *Drivin' Tod 'round the bend, I'll wager.* 

"She's going to have me...  She's hired Silas Trott.  She's going to start having fights.  And she wants me to train - wants me to be the club's fighter.  And...stuff."  Xander took a long drink of his soda while Spike thought about that.

"'And stuff'?  I'll have to ask Viv, I suppose."  He looked Xander up and down and smiled.   "Better train you right, then.   Don't want you coming home all bruised and broken."  He reached out and caught Xander's chin in his hand - lifted the boy's face and he could see a bruise on his jaw - a mark where he'd kissed with too much tooth.  "I'm the one that gets to mark you," he said softly, and Xander wrenched away.

"Fuck off, Spike."  Mumbled into his drink, and Spike laughed.  He got up stepped up onto the table - stepped down onto the bench so his thighs were on either side of Xander's shoulders - his feet bracketing his hips.  Xander snatched his soda out of harm's way and glared at him, leaning back.  Spike leaned forward, sinking his hands into Xander's hair and tilting his face up - getting close.

"Hush, rabbit.  Don't forget whose you are, now," he said, and kissed him.  Xander bit his lip, his hands clawing at Spike's forearms and Spike kissed harder, hurting him a little.   Xander stopped struggling after a moment and opened his mouth a little wider and Spike took his time.  When he finally drew back Xander's eyes were half-shut, dark and dilated, and want was pouring off of him - the sweet musk of the hyena.  Spike reached down and pressed against the fly of Xander's jeans, palming the hot, erect flesh that strained there.

"Good, that's good, rabbit.  Back to work, now."  He slipped off the table and sauntered out of the room and he heard Xander curse - heard him kick something.  Laughing softly, he adjusted his own hard-on and went back upstairs.



Spike straightened slowly, flicking the knife he held sharply to one side.  Flicking blood off the blade in an arc of fragrant drops.  They shone wetly on the rough concrete of the walls.  The man on the floor made a sort of gurgling cough, and Spike toed him gently in the ribs.

"Eye for an eye, Mr. Lansing," he said.  The man twitched feebly, his eyes swollen shut.  Perhaps a bit more than 'eye for an eye', but that was all right.  Spike looked down at himself - wiped a drop of blood off his stomach and brought it contemplatively to his mouth.  Even cold, the zing of terror was evident in it, and he contemplated draining the worthless bastard that lay at his feet.  But no.  House rules.  He cocked his head, listening.  Someone was coming rapidly down the hall - was saying something to the guard Tod had left outside.  Then the door creaked open and Xander tumbled in, looking disheveled and happy.

"Spike!  I was talking to Wrxl earlier and he said - fucking hell, what happened?"  He was staring at the man on the floor and Spike crouched down and wiped his knife clean on the man's pant-leg - slid it back into its sheath in his boot.

"Well, it seems Mr. Lansing here happened.  Happened to Julian."  Xander just shook his head, looking bewildered, and Spike went past him to the door and pushed it open a crack.  "Tell Tod we're ready to go here," he said to the vampire that waited outside, and the vamp nodded and scurried away.

"What are you talking about?  Is that - is he a soldier?"  Xander hadn't moved - was breathing a little fast, and Spike went to lean against the wall opposite him.  The room was a narrow rectangle - an empty storage room - with roughly finished concrete walls and floor and only one door.  Perfect for payback.  There were old bloodstains on the floor under the new ones Mr. Lansing was making.

"No, no soldier.  You know the Ting demons?  The little ones, look like kiddies?"  Xander stared at him for a moment and then nodded, grimacing.  Spike knew what he was thinking - pedophile, some freak.  He himself had a little trouble seeing the Ting in a sexual way, as they were uncannily identical to eight or nine-year-old human children.  Very fey, waiflike, and slender human children.  Viv had them for clients who preferred that sort of thing since there was no way she would have actual children in her club.  Viv despised children.

"Thing about them is - they're like birds.  Fragile little bones.  They break very, very easily.  And Mr. Lansing here -"   Spike crouched down and put his hand on the man's chest - pushed, just a little.  The cracked ribs creaked and Spike smiled.  "Mr Lansing decided to take Julian into one of the rooms in the dungeon.  Decided to play Daddy and punish his little boy."  Spike stood back up and Xander was still looking a little confused.

"Julian is down with Wrxl.  He's got a broken arm and two breaks in his leg and cracked ribs...broken jaw, eh, Mr. Lansing?"  The man moaned and Xander's eyes were wide - troubled.

"He did that?"

"Anybody could do that, rabbit.  Ting break like that."  Spike snapped his fingers and Xander flinched a little.

"Is - Julian gonna be okay?"  Xander leaned back against the wall behind him, heedless of stray blood drops.  Spike came and leaned next to him, breathing his warm and spicy scent in deeply.

"Eventually.  The dungeon is off-limits to the Ting.  And Mr. Lansing knew that.  So - he's got a broken arm and two breaks in his leg, and cracked ribs...  You get the picture."  The door opened and several of Tod's boys came in.  They lifted Mr. Lansing onto a blanket and bundled him up - hoisted the bundle off the floor.  A muffled scream came from the blanket.  Spike held up a hand and leaned forward over the bundle.

"Mr. Lansing.  You are also banned for life.  Good night.  Boys - Wrxl said Mr. Lansing forced Julian.  You can handle that, yes?"  The vamps grinned - nodded - and carried the man away.   Spike had no desire to perform any sort of sexual act on a client - particularly that one.  Tod's get would enjoy it, though.  They were that sort.

"So - where are they taking him?" Xander asked, and he was staring at the blood that had pooled on the floor.

"Oh, out to his car and down to the docks, somewhere.  They'll make it look like a car-jacking.  Crash his car somewhere, that sort of thing.  They enjoy it."  Spike straightened up from the wall and looked down at himself again.  Blood was dappled over his chest and arms - over his stomach - and he didn't want to put his shirt on over it.  He wiped a long streak up with his finger, navel to sternum, and paused when he heard a soft, breathy sound from the boy.

*Oh, the rabbit likes that.  Of COURSE he likes that.  Time to make him KNOW he likes that...*   He looked at Xander from under lowered lashes - saw the faint flush on the boy's cheeks, and inhaled slowly, tasting the arousal and the desire that flowed from him.  A sweet, thick heat that made Spike's cock throb.

"When they're scared?  The blood - tastes so much better.  It's like a little hit on a pipe, you know?  A little rush..."  He sidled up close to Xander, leaning one hand on the wall, getting in close.  Xander was watching him, panting just a little, and Spike reached out and traced his bloody fingertip over Xander's mouth, painting his lips scarlet.  Xander's tongue flickered out, mindless reflex, and Spike heard his heart thump harder, kicking up into a faster rhythm as he tasted the blood.

Spike shivered as warm, wet lips and tongue moved over his fingers, and he grinned in delight when Xander sucked one finger and then two into his mouth, tongue flickering and stroking.  Xander's eyes glowed, the hyena in full possession, and his gaze never left Spike's - not even when he sank his teeth into Spike's flesh, biting down hard and not letting go.

"You want more then, rabbit?  That what you're doing?" Spike whispered, and momentary confusion flickered over the boy's face and then he growled, biting harder, breaking the skin.  Spike brought his other hand up and took Xander's jaw between his fingers - pinched hard.

"Let go, rabbit," he said, giving a little shake and Xander's jaw loosened enough for Spike to slowly draw his fingers out.  "You don't get to do that without asking, pet," Spike said, and Xander licked his lips, just watching him.  Spike slipped his hand around, to cup the back of Xander's skull and twine his fingers in the boy's hair.  He leaned closer - got one thigh between Xander's legs and pushed, rocking.  Xander's eyes were half-lidded and his mouth was slightly open.  He was shivering all over - breathing in deep, jerky breaths and he canted his hips a little and pushed back and Spike laughed softly.

"All that blood - it gets to you," he whispered, and dropped his hand down to Xander's waist.   He pulled his boy closer and settled in to kiss him, slow and steady.  Licking the blood off his lips and then going deeper - tasting it inside the warm cave of Xander's mouth - tasting his own blood there.  Xander's hands were on Spike's arms, clutching hard, sliding a little on the blood.    Spike let his mouth slide down, tasting sweat and the faint sweetness of soap along Xander's jaw.  Kissed the thin skin just behind the hinge of his jaw and bit there, lightly.

"Wanna be mine, rabbit?  Wanna be my boy, my pet?  Wanna be my own?" he whispered, pushing hip to hip, glancing pressure of Xander's cock along his.  His hand in the small of Xander's back, holding him close and tight.  The long strands of hair tangled in his fingers and Xander's hands locked down tight on his arms.  Then he stiffened and suddenly pushed, shoving Spike back and coming off the wall, furious, his eyes blazing.

*The hyena is STRONG.  This should be fun...* 

"Not a pet.  Not - an animal," Xander rasped, but he was having trouble actually saying it.  His teeth were bared, his lips twisted back from them in a snarl, and Spike could smell his anger.  Could hear the rapid, desperate pound of his heart.

"Of course you are, rabbit," Spike said softly, and Xander flung himself forward, hard punch straight to his cheek and Spike felt the skin split - felt blood flow.  The demon surged to the fore, snarling, and Xander punched again.  Spike almost ducked it - almost caught his hand and crushed it a little but...  *Let's see where this goes.  Let him have the upper hand once - see what he does.  Even a rabbit has to kick, sometimes.*   Spike only dodged a little and the fist hit his mouth - his fangs - splitting his lip and Xander's knuckles. 

"I am not what you are!  You bastard - you don't want - "   Xander shoved him again, into the other wall hard enough to hurt and pinned him there.  Stood trembling, chest to chest and groin to groin, and Xander was so hard, and he was so hot, and Spike writhed a little under him, loving the pressure and the sharp dig of concrete into his back.

"Want you, rabbit," he said, and Xander's fingers sank into his arms - shook him and lifted him - slammed him back into the wall.

"No, you want - something - not - don't want me, don't want - make you want..."   He couldn't get a sentence out - could barely form the words and the honey-sweet of the hyena was thick in the air.  Xander lifted him again and spun him around - pinned him hard and Spike felt the concrete abrade his cheek - the point of his shoulder and his chest.   Xander pushed his arms up, high and wide, crushing his wrists tight to the wall.

"Stay there, stay - don't -"  Spike made a small, breathy sound - let his hips arch up and press back, let his back curve so that he swayed out from the wall a little, into Xander.  He grinned when he heard the sharp intake of breath.  Xander's hand scrabbled at Spike's jeans - ripped open the buttons and yanked, pulling them half-way down his thighs.  His nails scored Spike's flank and Spike could feel blood welling there.   There was the sound of a zipper working and then Xander was pushing tight up against Spike, heat and panting breaths all at his back, hard jut of his cock against Spike's ass.

"You can't - you fuck, always - taking,  just - never wanting to -"   Xander's teeth sank into Spike's shoulder and he yowled, bucking hard back into Xander's crotch.  The boy's hands were on his hips, nails clawing his skin open, fingers bruising.   They slid a little, slick with blood - vampire's bleed easier than humans - and then his hand was between them and Spike knew what he was doing.

*Oh, rabbit, yes.  Go on and DO it, rabbit.  Force your way in and fuck me and make me BLEED and then you'll see, sweet little thing.  You're exactly what I say you are.*   Xander's cock pushed at him - his hands pulled, spreading Spike open and Spike tried to relax and be ready for it.  But he still let out a sharp whine of pain - went up on his toes when Xander slammed into him, ripping muscle open and driving him into the wall.  The scrape of concrete on his chest and cock added a second note of singing, stinging ecstasy to the deep, aching burn and Spike groaned down in his chest, guttural and low.  The denim of Xander's jeans rubbed over his ass and the teeth of the zipper caught at him, tiny tweak of pain.

"Rabbit, fuck -"

"Shut up, just -"   Xander started to pound into him, hands and mouth moving over his back, nails and teeth tearing his skin - drawing blood.  His callused fingers smeared it and then his lips and tongue lapped it up, sucking and biting and mouthing every bit he could reach.  His hips slammed Spike into the wall, again and again and Spike pushed back, sinking into a kind of daze, the sweet pain and the heat, the desperate growling whine that Xander was making pushing him towards orgasm.

*Ah, fuck, he's GOOD, that's fuckin' sweet, god -*  Spike twisted, bending, angling himself around Xander's cock until it was hitting just the right place inside and he felt himself shudder all over - felt his ass clench down tight.  Xander moaned, moving faster, his hands coming around to scratch at Spike's nipples - to twist and pinch hard.   One hand slid down and pressed against his belly, wrenching him back, the other found his balls and kneaded them mercilessly - pulled.  Spike growled, fucking himself back on Xander and squeezing him tight inside, and Xander cried out - grabbed his hips and just slammed into him, two, three, four times.  Spike could feel the hot, hard jet of come inside him and he shuddered, panting. 

Xander slumped over his back, gasping for air - still squeezing his hips, still licking and biting, almost a frenzy.   Spike gave him a minute - let him almost catch his breath - and then he jerked his elbow back, catching Xander in the ribs.

Xander yelped and jumped away, pulling free of Spike's body and Spike hissed at the sharp knife of pain that came with that.  He wasn't hurt badly, just bad enough.  He let his human face come back - turned around, leaning against the wall - letting his shoulder slump a little.  His lip still oozed blood, and his cheek, and he looked at Xander from under his lashes.  Xander stood there, arms hanging down and his head bowed, his cock slicked with blood and slowly shrinking, framed by jeans he hadn't even pulled down.

"What's that, rabbit?  Not an animal, you said?  Not like me..."  Xander's head jerked up and he stared at Spike, just human eyes now, dark brown and scared - bewildered.  Spike felt a tickling sensation and he reached between his legs and gathered some blood on his fingertips - held his hand out, letting  it shake.  "This how you prove it?" he said, tiny catch in his voice and Xander cringed away in horror - looked at Spike, taking in the blood and the bruises - the scrapes from the wall.  He stumbled away, hitting the opposite wall hard and sagging there. 

"Spike - Spike, I didn't - didn't want -"

"What, to hurt me?  You sure?  You did a damn good job."  Spike yanked his jeans up far enough so that he could walk and stalked the six or steps necessary to bring him up close to the boy.  He put both hands on the wall, trapping Xander between them, leaning in and getting his face up close.  

"You keep saying that, Xander.  Didn't want this, didn't want that.  Keep trying to tell me you're better than me - better than the beast."  Spike was murmuring into his ear - whispering his words and Xander tried to twitch away, his hands pushing weakly at Spike's chest.

"I don't - I don't want to!  It's not the same, not the same..."  Xander tried to twist out from under him and Spike slammed him back by his shoulders - held him still.

"Rabbit, just stop.  You let the beast back in and now you're trying to run from it?  Doesn't work that way, pet.  Not at all.  You've got it in you and look, rabbit.  Look what it did."  Spike leaned back and Xander's gaze tracked over him, taking in the hurts he'd inflicted, and Spike watched him, narrow-eyed. 

"Spike, please, I didn't...  Why do you do that, why did you - make me -" 

"Make you?  I didn't make you do anything, pet.  This is all you.  Your doing.  You called the beast and he came and now you can't control it, can you?"  Xander stared at him and two tears spilled over, running down his cheeks in quicksilver tracks and Spike bit the inside of his lip to stop the grin that threatened.

*Oh, little rabbit.  So lost - so confused.  I'll help you, pet, I will.  Course I will.*

"What are you gonna do, Xander?  What happens when you hurt some human?  What happens when you hurt Oz?"

"I wouldn't hurt Oz!" Xander cried, and he pushed at Spike again, turning his face away, crying for real now.  Spike took his jaw in one hand and turned his face back - made him look.

"You sure, rabbit?  You sure?  You want him, but he won't take you...  You sure you won't just make him, one day?"

"No, no, no....that's not me, that's not me, I wouldn't, I wouldn't..."  Xander's voice was rasping and thick with tears - was small and lost and Spike finally relented - slid his arms around the boy and hugged him close.  Shushed him softly, combing one hand gently through his hair and grinning in delight when Xander's arms came hesitantly around him and hugged back hard.

"Sweet little thing, pretty little rabbit...shhhh, now, shhhh....  It's all right, it's all right, rabbit, I've got you now.  I'll help you, pet - I'll fix it, yeah?  I'll keep you safe, little rabbit, I'll make sure nothing happens to the wolf."  Xander shuddered, gasping hoarsely, his face wet and hot against Spike's chest. 

"Please, please don't...don't let me...  Spike, please -"   Spike kissed his temple - his cheek - snuggled him closer.

"Don't what, rabbit?  Shhh, now.  Breathe, pet, shhhh..."   Xander took gulping, desperate breaths - sniffed and rubbed at his face.  Then his arms went around Spike again and he just leaned there, his chest hitching and his body shaking, deep tremors that probably hurt.

"I don't want...don't want to be that, Spike...  Just - please don't let me...hurt..."

"Course I won't, pet!  Of course I won't.  I'll help you, rabbit, I promise.  You just let me, yeah?  Do what I say, rabbit - that's all.   All mine now and I'll take care of you, sweet, I promise."  Xander nodded into his shoulder - shifted and sighed and Spike knew he was coming down hard - knew he was exhausted and open and totally, totally unguarded just now.  *So sweet - you did just what I wanted, sweetheart...*

"You're so good, Xander - so good.  Did that just right, yeah?  Pretty little rabbit, so good..."  Spike pulled away a little and lifted Xander's head with his fingers, looking into the red-rimmed eyes, wet and fearful and dazed.  He wiped tears and blood off Xander's face - kissed him softly, gently. 

"Need to get you home, rabbit.  Get you warm and into bed, yeah?  Hot bath and maybe some chocolate..."  Xander blinked, and his eyes stayed shut for a long moment, and Spike knew he was just about out.

"Good rabbit, sweet thing...  All mine now, aren't you.  All mine, belong to me...  I wanted you, rabbit, and you're mine now, nobody else's."  Xander nodded hesitantly and Spike ran his fingers over the boy's lips - cupped his cheek in his hand.

"Hear me, rabbit?  I wanted you - had to have you.  And you're mine and I keep what's mine.  Never let you go, rabbit - never."

"Yours," Xander whispered, and Spike felt a burst of intense satisfaction - of delight.

*That's right, little rabbit.  Yes.  All mine.  Deserve a reward for that...have to think of something nice...*   "That's right, pet, that's right," Spike crooned.  He held the boy for a few more minutes and then he slowly disengaged - pushed Xander gently into the wall and went to get his shirt.   He pulled it on, buttoning hastily, wanting to get Xander home now - wanting to fix this surrender.  To lock it tight, make it unbreakable.

*Take my boy home and TAKE him - make him beg for it, make him give everything to me.  Never let go.*   He stretched out his arm and Xander came willingly, slowly, into his embrace and leaned against him, sighing.  Spike kissed his head, tasting the silky hair over his lips and tugged him into a walk.

"Gonna go home now, rabbit.  Why did you come looking for me?  What did you want to tell me?" he asked, and Xander took a long moment to sort that question out and find the answer.

"I - talked to Wrxl.  He said he found a demon that could get the - the chip out of Oz.  He's going to do it Monday." 

"That's grand, pet.  Wolf'll be happy to hear that," Spike said softly, and Xander smiled sleepily up at him.  *Wrxl, you old bastard, knew you'd figure it out.  The wolf can get well, now - can heal...*    His own healing was, he felt, done.  He still dreamed - still avoided thinking certain things...  But that would fade with time, he was sure.  That would eventually be nothing at all.  *Now I've got my boy to occupy me.  So many things to show him...  DO to him...  He's going to be...just perfect.*   They made their way upstairs and gathered their coats, and Spike did the buttons of Xander's jacket up tight - found his gloves.

"You need new gloves, pet. And a new hat.  Can't let you get sick, little rabbit."

"Mmmm...."  Xander was barely verbal - barely aware - and he tucked himself into Spike's side and walked out with him, arm around his waist and his head on Spike's shoulder.   It was still snowing, and the sky was glowing a dark sort of pewter, the rising sun somewhere behind thick, low-bellied clouds.  They walked in near silence, just the shuffling slide of wet snow and the distant hum of the highway - the dry rushing of the sea.  Xander turned his face up to the clouds and closed his eyes, and Spike could see the flakes in perfect, prismatic crystals on his lashes.