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A re-telling, starting at season four and going through the end of season seven and beyond.

Part One: Something Rich and Strange


Chapter 1: Hunted

Chapter 16: Details

Chapter 2: 500 Channels

Chapter 17: Telling

Chapter 3: Secrets

Chapter 18: Showing

Chapter 4: Keepsakes

Chapter 19: Reveal

Chapter 5: Radio

Chapter 20: Key

Chapter 6: Sides

Chapter 21: Two

Chapter 7: Debt

Chapter 22: Remembering

Chapter 8: Trust

Chapter 23: Council

Chapter 9: Jack

Chapter 24: Visit

Chapter 10: Payback

Chapter 25: Encounter

Chapter 11: Promise

Chapter 26: Hurt

Chapter 12: Truth

Chapter 27: Healing

Chapter 13: Talk

Chapter 28: Flight

Chapter 14: Reckoning

Chapter 29: Lost

Chapter 15: Mercy

Chapter 30: Falling


A .zip file of 'Something Rich and Strange' is available here. Right click to download. 736k.


Part Two: Hold Fast

Chapter 1: Grave

Chapter 18: Plans

Chapter 2: Gift

Chapter 19: Loss

Chapter 3: Surprise

Chapter 20: Games

Chapter 4: Exposed

Chapter 21: News

Chapter 5: Awake

Chapter 22: Allies

Chapter 6: Trouble

Chapter 23: Sacrifices

Chapter 7: Worry

Chapter 24: Losing

Chapter 8: Date

Chapter 25: Winning

Chapter 9: Song

Chapter 26: Preparations

Chapter 10: Lessons

Chapter 27: Upsets

Chapter 11: Enemies

Chapter 28: Solutions

Chapter 12: Hidden

Chapter 29: Descent

Chapter 13: Fallout

Chapter 30: Counting

Chapter 14: Rage

Chapter 31: Coping

Chapter 15: Breathe

Chapter 32: Retreat

Chapter 16: Lies

Chapter 33: Homecoming

Chapter 17: Discoveries

Chapter 34: Relearning

Chapter 35: The End of it All



A .zip file of 'Hold Fast' is available here. Right click to download. 792k.



Nine stories that might have happened - starting with 'School Hard'. Spike and Xander

Stray Cat Strut

Cat's Eyes

Cat's Cradle

Cat and Mouse

Year of the Cat

Cat Scratch

All Cats are Leopards After Dark

Kitten Poker

Curiosity Killed the Cat



Oz, Spike, and the pros and cons of being a werewolf.


The Hellmouth is gone, Spike is gone. Buffy,Xander, and Angel remember.


Not-quite-songfic. PWP drabble.

When Coyote Came to Sunnydale

A challenge I couldn't resist! Spike and Xander meet two figures from...another world.

Darling Buds of May

Dawn very much wants to be all grown up, and she thinks she knows how.

Normal Again

Xander isn't crazy...but it sure feels like it.


Spoilers through Angel season 5 - Spike and Xander and letters.


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