Ficathons and Challenges


Fanfiction Written for Other People and for Communities



Written for the Spander Inquisition challenge.

Fifty Bucks

Written for the Bloodclaim livejournal community 50 memeber challenge.



Written for the Bloodclaim livejournal community 100 memeber challenge.

An all-dialogue fic.

French Toast

Written for the Xander FicathonFor inklacedfeather who wanted Xander,Spike, Andrew, lessons, and breakfast.


A 'prompted' fic for Kyrieane.


A 'prompted' fic for Kyrieane

Rope Trick

A borrowed 'verse fic for Kyrieane

And A Partridge In A Pear Tree

A Christmas-challenge fic.

Moonlight and Shadow

Written for fanbot for the lovely icon she made for me.

Lion in Winter/With Extreme Prejudice

A 'prompted' set of drabbles.

The Golden Wren

For the CoSoRanOb Ficathon for Darkhavens.

Stumbling In

Written for the Secret Valentines Exchange for Willshenilshe.

Bao bei

Written for the Firefly/BtVS Crossover Ficathon. Spike and Angel are hired by Simon to rescue River.

Rainy Day

Written for Tgray's S/X Pornathon.

Spike and Xander find out what Giles has been saving for a rainy day.

Watch and Wonder

Written for the Year of Oz ficathon.


Spike gets his body back, Gunn goes along for the test-drive and finds out something he didn't know.


Written for the Yinathon Birthday Challenge. Post-everything, post-apocolyptic Spike and Xander.

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Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight